Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki

Inti Lehmann

  Exploring the extremes with NUSTAR@FAIR


Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research – FAIR Helmholtz Centre GSI

Javad Rahighi

The Iranian Light Source Facility a new light on Iran's Science

Masoud Mahjour-Shafiei

Quasi-Free proton and neutron knockout reaction in 20O

Christina Trautmann

(MAT) Present and future activities in material science at GSI and FAIR

Christoph Scheidenberger

Experiments with exotic nuclei at GSI

Hamid Reza Moshfegh

The equation-of-state of asymmetric nuclear matter

Omid Nasser Ghodsi

Theoretical study of heavy ion reactions

Peter Senger

Cosmic matter in the laboratory – the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at FAIR

Hajar Ebrahim

Quark-Gluon plasma from holography

Navid Abasi

Chiral Effects in QCD Plasma

Farid Taghavi

The Cumulant analysis of flow harmonic fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions

Haik Simon

SuperFRS project

Jürgen Gerl

NUSTAR physics and instrumentation



Atomic structure and collision dynamics in strong fields of highly charged ions

Johan Messchendorp

PANDA physics program and instrumentation

Soodeh Zarepour

Chiral nonet mixing in πηScattering

Alireza Alavi

Alpha and proton decay of deformed nuclei

Christina Trautmann

(BIO) Radiobiology and tumor therapy with ion beams

Morteza Jafarzadeh

Design and construction challenge of low emmitance storage ring for Iranian light source facility project